Customize Your Tech Devices – Freshly Picked for Spring!


Giveve your tech devices a fresh makeover just in time for spring with this FREE wallpaper download featuring our new floral pattern. Inspired by the blooming colors of springtime, this whimsical design will offer a fresh start each time you open your device.

Click below to download your FREE floral wallpaper background to style your desktop/laptop computer, tablet and phone.


Need an equally adorable carrying case for your devices? We’ve got you covered. Our floral Folio™ pouches ($13.50-$22.50 retail) are made from tough, indestructible fiber paper and are made to last. The two larger sizes are padded to protect contents. Click here to shop this collection on our website.Floral-Folios.png

Don’t forget to also grab one of our handy Focus™ cloths ($4.50 retail) in the same pattern. These soft microfiber cloths provide a stylish way to safely clean smudges from glasses, sunglasses, computer screens, smartphones and other portable devices.3212014_1.jpg

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